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Bog-Standard Business:

How I Took the Plunge and Became the Millionaire Plumber

I’m a millionaire plumber. I went from being a North London street urchin to owning London’s biggest independent plumbing firm, which I built myself from scratch. We turn over more than £22 million a year, and we’re growing. The country’s best plumbers and heating engineers queue up to work for me. We are the plumbers of choice for London’s high society – movie stars and celebrities of all kinds. I’m mates with David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson. How did that happen? In this frank and absorbing memoir, Charlie Mullins describes his meteoric rise from an impoverished childhood in London, to owner of one of the most renowned and respected businesses in the UK, Pimlico Plumbers. He reveals how he survived his tough upbringing, became a parent himself and had to bid a painful farewell to his first passion – boxing. In this honest and moving account, Charlie explains how he worked his way up from apprentice level, through sheer hard graft and determination, to conquer the plumbing world – and met a few interesting characters in the process. Larger than life, and full of humour, this is a valuable insight into how to build a business, and the courage required to make it a success. 

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Ebook Page
Ebook Page


All proceeds from the book will be going to three year old Chloe Balloqui from Pimlico, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in October 2013 and needs to travel to the US for further treatment. Donations can be made at:

Charlie Mullins

Charlie Mullins was born in Camden and grew up on the rough Elephant and Castle estate in south London. The estate taught him the value of a pound, and that he didn’t want to stay there all his life.

After leaving school at 15 with no qualifications and completing a four year apprenticeship in plumbing, Charlie started his business with just a second hand van and a bag of tools he bought at an auction. 1979 he saw the launch of Pimlico Plumbers from a basement of an estate agent in Pimlico, London. Now Pimlico Plumbers has a turnover of £22 million and a roster of celebrity clients.

Helping Young People and the unemployed

Charlie is strongly focused on apprenticeships and is a firm believer in giving young people a chance to develop their skills, in order that they reach their true potential.

He has a work placement programme in place for The Prince’s Trust’s youngsters, carries out mentoring and gives inspirational talks. He has also met with members of the Government including Prime Minister David Cameron, George Osborne, Chris Grayling and Theresa May and also Boris Johnson who have all been very supportive in helping young people into training and Pimlico’s Big Society project.

Pimlico Plumbers at Present

Pimlico Plumbers is now the UK’s largest independent plumbing & service company, providing all trades and serving all of London, with a workforce of over 200, 160 vehicles and a £20 million turnover. It is the UK’s first branded plumbing company with a clientèle including Simon Cowell, Dame Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley, Joan Collins, Keira Knightly, Daniel Craig, Richard Branson and various others.


Charlie is a well-known TV personality who has starred on Secret Millionaire, Show Me Your Money, BBC’s Posh Plumbers, as well as regularly appearing on various news channels including Daily Politics, Panorama etc and featuring in live televised debates.


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